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Why is your blog so ugly?

For those of you who visit my blog (semi-regularly, I guess), you may have noticed my blog has gotten suddly ugly. This is becuase I’m in the process of learning to write WordPress themes for another project, and this was a handy blog that I could play with.

Yes, I’m well aware you should never test on a production site.

Yes, I’m also likely to regret it.


Protected: Pilgrimage : here comes that rainy-day feeling again

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Protected: Pilgrimage: Who am I?

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A Chance Meeting

It had been a busy day. She swung herself on to the bus, and flashed her electronic ticket. She caught herself in the drivers mirror, and gave the work-weary woman that looked back a tired smile. He ran her fingers through her brown hair trying to pull it’s unruly strands into something resembling a smile. Her brown looked back at her, and she gave her reflection a resigned shrug.


Protected: Pilgrimage: Emotionally Impotent

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The Diary of a Reluctant Traveler T -1 (or -2)

I don’t want to go.

Tomorrow, or possibly the day after, I’m due for a holiday. A break where I get away form it all.

All, except me, of course.

See, the thing is, over the last 2 years, I’ve been slowly getting sadder, and I’ve not really had time to deal with it. I’ve been busy dealing with the fact that everyone else is sad for the same reasons. I always figured that eventually they would be able to sort themselves out, and then it would be time for me.

That didn’t happen. (more…)

The Jara23 Midwinter Anthology 2016

If your wondering why this blog has been a little slow (I mean, is anyone still even reading this?), it’s because I’ve been busy working on a new project, a small e-publishing house.

For the last 3 years we have produced a Midwinter Anthology, and this year we have stepped up our game.

The Jara23 Midwinter Anthology 2016 is now available on Smashwords, and on Google Play.

We have Twitter: @Jara23_Press

And of course Facebook: Jara23Publishing

And your standard website:

Go and download it, it’s FREE!


Mediatomb and the PS4 – how to get it working

If, like me, you’ve spent a bit of time being annoyed that the ps4 doesn’t play all the file formats that you would like, there is now an easy way of making it all work as you would like.

These instructions are for Linux.

David Cameron, telling the truth

The 10 Books that have had an impacton on me

Following a Facebook Meme, I though I’d have a go at writing out which books had the biggest impact. So, for no particular reason, here they are:

1. Dragons of the Autumn Twilight, Margaret Wise and Tracy Hickman : It is very difficult to describe the impact this has, but it is the first book that changed my life. I had always been into Dragons, and high-fantasy, but I don’t remember reading anything that got me as hooked as this one did. It came free with the game based on it (something I still think we should do more of). It was designed to be read while the loading screens happened (on a ZX Spectrum, this could take several minuits). I remember that I actually got so absorbed in the book that I don’t think I played the game for more than few minuits. I then went on to read as much of the series as I could get my hands on. I remember a birthday where all I got was books from this series (The Time/War/Test of the Twins, 1 and 2 Chronicles, etc). It was epic. It was reading a book from this series that got me my first friend in Secondary School, as he was reading a collection of The Time/War/Test.


Jesus on the Cross, with “Faggot” as his crime.

Bludhaven Scoop

This is a newspaper that I wrote for my Dark DC roleplaying game. It’s only a bit of fun, put here for some players who couldn’t make the session.



Modern Poetry Idea

Recently I attended a beat-poetry evening, called Voicebox run by Un-deg-Un. There I had the pleasure of meeting the youth poet for Wales. I was not brave enough to share any of my work, beliving them to be unpolished, and unfinished.

They were definately too short.

However, it has occured to me that I write these.. rather odd short stories. Where I use words, and illeteration in order to make them stand out. Perhaps, then what I need is to check the lines, and to see what changes will be needed to make them fit a beat. Perhaps a simple, hidden beat, but a rythem of poetry.

Perhaps there is even a rythem hidden in them allready.

The idea struck me while I was writing the short story “Hell”, which was in turn fired off by a random post on facebook.

The story itself is too short, really, to be a short story. Less than 1000 words. This, however, does not necesssarily make it too long for a beat poem, or even an element of modern poetry. What that means, then, is me breaking that age-old rule that I have had of not going back to the things that I have written to make drastic changes (other than editing for sense, and for spelling).

I shall muse over this if I ever have time, and seek other advice. Perhaps I will even post the progress of “Hell” as a poem here for people to see the process.

We live in interesting times.


Midwinter Anthology

Jara23 Publishing

Proudly prestents: Midwinter Anthology, 2013.

This is offered to you for free, and is available in PDF (and on the Kindle store (coming soon).

Download your copy of the Midwinter Anthology, 2013 here.

Note: Version last updated : December 19, 2013 to fix minor spelling errors.