Why Trump (and Brexit) Won the Election

Many people are now trying to work out why Trump won, and for those in the UK, why on earth a country that gets more money in support from EU would vote to do with out it.

David Cameron, telling the truth

The rise of the Far-Right in the UK, and other worrying correlations

There has been something percolating through my mind about the link between scapegoating and the rise of the Far Right that has been bugging me. Something was telling me that there was something going on that I had missed.

So I spent some time searching the news to see what it was that people were saying, and suddenly there it was. The Rise of Islam as a terror threat. A manufactured scapegoat.

Gove Removing “Of Mice and Men” from the curriculem

So Gove is removing “Of Mice and Men” from the curriculum, and I’d like to say “About Time”. Now, before you all start throwing things, let me explain why.

“Of Mice and Men”, by Steinbeck is brilliant. It’s amazing. The In-Depth study I did of it when I was school placed a love of this book in my heart, and I still have a copy of it. I can’t bring myself to re-read it, because of the impression it made on me, but Lenny and George live on in me, in a very profound way.

So, I hear you ask, why take it off the syllabus? well, because it’s been on there for 40 years. I know that there are arguments about allowing parents to help their children with the homework, but, and here’s my non-teacher-educated suggestion, why not get another book, of similar quality, and get both parent AND child to learn to appreciate a new book?

The Death of the UK Two Party System

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I think we can finally announce the death of the 2/3 party system that has held this country for so long.

With the rise of the Lib-Dems, we finally broke the 2 party swing. However, due to their political assassination by the conservatives in the coalition deal, their victory was short-lived. That has given space to the disgruntled voter finally having a say that’s making a difference.

Down with the Con-Dems

Well, it seems that coalition are selling off the post office. I can’t belive how angry this has made me.

In the worst rececession for years, the Conservatives have finally managed to sell off everything that was publically owned. The NHS is gone, the Post-Office is going, all because their ideology is that business will do more for the public.

Because that works.