Dark DC

Here is the draft ruleset for Dark DC. If your a player, feel free to download it and have a look at it. If your not, this post probably makes no sense to you and you can ignore it.

Dark DC Rules


What D&D Character am I?

I Am A: Lawful Good Human Cleric (5th Level)

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Batman On an Elephant. That is All.

Batman On An Elephant

Preparing an Emergency Water Supply

I would like to start this post by saying I’m not an alarmist; I’m a roleplayer.

That means, during many of the random fantasy scenarios that I end up playing in, Water is one of those big unknowns. We all know how to boil water to make it clean for use (not that I think I could actually create fire, but the principle is there, if I ever figure it out), but how to filter it, and how to go about distilling things, however, is a different matter.

The Americans, long in fear of having their country reducude to ruble by their very own insane leader, have of course thought this through.

Being at home, alone and Ill, I found myself trying to think of things to amuse myself. One of them was working through a few ideas for a post-apocalyptic roleplay scenario, and was trying to work out how I can keep people alive. I often find that the biggest challenge facing most of the players is a lack of knowledge.

To this end, I went searching for some tips on how to survive in this imagined post-apocalyptic world. Much to my surprise (though why I should be surprised), I found a treatise that contains not just how to boil water, distill water, and filter water with things that you are likely to find around your house. This, through a bit of thought, and application could probably be extended to things you can make, again with far more knowledge and skill than I actually have, but I try to keep as much in mind as possible.

You can find the information here:

Hope that helps.

Black Xanthus

The Natioanls 2007, Systemless GM’s Writeup (pt 1.)

The “Student” National Roleplaying Championship was held this year in Edinburgh, and I have to say, it was a fantastic event. Then again, it always is.

A lot of hard work was put in by Lucy and her crew to organise the event, as well as by those that GM’d. Some of us travelled 10 hours + just to gm at the event. I was one of those. Our reasons? the standard of roleplaying at the nationals makes you forget the reams of crap games, and even worse players, and reminds you why you do this, for the sheer fun of it. For the hell of it. For the yelling and the screaming, and for Elvis telling Zombies “thank you very much”, and for people yelling “It’s obviously a government alien conspiracy, they are obviously out to get me” while beating a zombie to death with the wet end of someone eles’s arm.

This is just the quick roundup of things from this year, the bits that I remember well, before they fade from my aging mind, the event itself. I’ll cover the games in detail later.

Friday, of course (that is the night, not the man), was slightly surprising. after 7 hours of driving I still really wanted to bounce around and meet people. The usuall big personalities were there, Bradly (DURPS), Friday (BWRPS), Big Bad John (VAUGE), and Duncan (nominally DURPS, but a GM this year). It was nice to actually be recognised by these people. I suppose they never really understand the kind of effect they have on us little fishes, but their presence does bring a certain shine to the procedings. There were of course a few people who really do deserve a mention, Charlotte (who only roleplays at the nationals), Roisin (BWRPS) who managed to save my life with Flapjacks, and Maz and her scary younger brothers who have no right being that big.

Saturday started with a breakfast that I have to say really impressed me. Many of the other halls that we have stayed at for the university tended to be a bit of a poor show, but this really did blow me, and a fair few others away. Of course, had I not had to be at a GM’s meeting I probably would have had chacne to savour it – Not that I made the GM’s meeting.
Arriving there, it was quite interesting to notice that Duncan (DURPS, nominally), was busy writing something. I wandered over just to be sure, and yes, he was still putting together bits of his plot. There was me feeling slightly good about myself until my game started.. I realised I’d left my plot somewhere else. It turned out, that somewhere else was “on my sofa, in Aberystwyth, wales”.

Saturday night was odd. Normally after the quizz people hang about, but this time the place was empty. I still managed to have a good night. Though I Would like to reiterate here… Chilly Vodka is a bad idea Bradly will pay. Oh man will he pay.

I think really, that the pictures speak for themselfs. I danced, and danced.
A good time was had by all. Infact, these pictures are from Friday, but still… when the saturday ones go up I’ll put them there.

The game on Sunday involved so much shouting that I ended up horse, and then there was the long drive home. IT wasn’t that bad, I had huw describing to me what I was going to be playing in his game. We don’t really need to cover Richards driving, needless to say that it took a lot to stay on my seat, and I was meant to be sleeping.

Anyway, I guess it’s just the game themselfs to put on next. First, I Think food, and then I’m going to sleep.