NaPoWriMo : National Poetry Writing Month

As it is the first day of national poetry writing month, I am going to try to keep this blog updated with some of my offerings. I am mostly going through Steven Fry’s an ode less travelled, trying to expand both my appreciation of poetry and my skill. The man is a very good writer and makes some good points about poetry. His first section of on the most widely used form of poetry in history, or so he claims, iambic pentameter.

So here is my first attempt at writing one

Sky Chorus

The birds do scratch upon the snow-bond earth,
In search of food to sustain their tiny life,
So deep and quick did the snow fall and set,
That all life was frozen cold and still,
Bound in chains of purest white ice, and held,
Captives of the snow-queens chilling vengeance.
Held until the bright sun of giving spring,
Did shine upon the dark and freezing earth,
Bringing life to those that live upon her face,
Such sweet light that the sun does bring that birds sing
Their praises of their bright heavenly sun.

BX, 1 of April, 2013