Generation Right

Generation Right.19-June-2014 (ver 1.1)

They said on the radio, yesterday, that Generation Y,
Is generation right.
A generation so convinced of it’s own, individual superiority that they would rip up the welfare state,
That they would deny health-care and life to the addict,
To those not as fortunate as them,
because they deserve it.

Generation Right is so obsessed with it’s me-only attitude,
An attitude that comes from their privileged parents,
Obsessed with the idea that they pulled themselves out of the gutter,
so why too shouldn’t everyone else,
because everyone else has had just the same breaks as them.
Because everyone else has had the free university education, like them,
everyone else has the opportunity to work hard like them, earn like them,
to spend daddy’s trust-fund like them and get to the place they call good,
but is somewhere just below mediocre because they have never lived.

Generation right has no idea what it is to strive, or live.
They believe that no ipad is death,
that no internet is hell,
that poor is something you do on purpose just for the benefits check,
that pregnancy is something that people choose as a career option,
Scrouging is a lifestyle choice, and no-one on benefits deserves all the claim.
This is not something that they want to pay for,

Generation right, who believes that all things are possible if you work hard enough,
who are willing to give away their holiday rights,
their maternity rights,
their chance to form into a union to defend rights, and safety,
because they are so afraid of the immigrant coming over here and doing the jobs that they wouldn’t get out of bed to do.

Generation right, so nation proud but with no idea about what makes this nation great,
it’s care for others, it’s ability to see beyond oneself and to support those in times of need,
holding as a central truth the maxim that there but for grace go I,
because to them ti’s not about grace, it’s about success or failure and they will not fail,
and when they do, they begrudge the very state that offers them a chance to live.

Generation right has no idea what is I to live in hardship, to suffer the embarrassment of blue-and-white,
To know that it’s not a choice to go without, but fact.
Generation right wouldn’t last one day with nothing, and yet demand that those with nothing in foreign places continue to have nothing because no-one helped them.
Because generation right has no idea about the help that they get, because generation right hears only what the daily mail has to tell them, what they consume and become from their echo cave.

If British values are to be taught in schools, will they teach socialism, the proud history of uniting against a common foe?
The struggle of rationing that ensured success in a war that caused so many to loose their lives, that gave so many advances in science for all the wrong reasons that the British with tears took them to live?
Will generation right truly know what it is to be British when those in charge care not a fig for those who do not look like them, live like them, eat regularly like them,

Generation right, the lost generation.
Generation right, those who scream Britain First, with no idea what Britain is.
Generation right, self-apointed, self-centered, self-satisfied.
Generation right, I can only hope that you continue never to vote.