Final Year Essays

I have said for a long while that I would upload my final year essays. Many of them might be of use to some people. They are Christian in basis, but the topics are varied. There are essays that cover scriptural studies of the Antichrist, through to ethical studies of the place of the Bible in Ethics, and of course the ethics of homosexuality. There is an interfaith essay on the current state of the Pagan-Christian dialogue, and what future hope there is for this dialogue to improve, if any, as well as a look at the place of Baptism in the Christian faith, and through a study of the 4th century liturgy where our symbols have come from. Finally, there is the dissertation that surprised many. The one that looks at culture, and asks if theology can truly be taken from it with any legitimacy. The Dissertation asks this question with direct reference to the book Small Gods by Terry Pratchett, and gives examples of how theology might interact with the theology that is currently being explored in popular culture.

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Essay Question: A Breif exploration of the use of term Antichrist in the Johanine Epistles, and its application to the modern Church.

This essay explores the “Antichrist” in Christian theology, and the Antichrist as revealed in the Johanine Epistles. It is primarily a scriptural studied of the text itself, looking at the origin, and placement of the Johanine literature, and it’s meaning for modern Christians. It explores modern uses of the term, and whether or not they could be termed legitimate in light of a deeper understanding of the historical usage of the term.


Essay Title : Discuss the fourth century rites of initiation and their significance for contemporary liturgical practice.

This essay explores the origin of Baptism as an initation rite, predominantly focusing on the influence of the 4th century understanding of Baptism on our modern understanding of the rite itself. Exploring the understanding of the Baptism as an ititiation rite, it looks to give a deeper understanding of this most important Christian rite. It also includes a simple reconstruction of a 4th Century Baptismal rite.


Essay Question : Reflection on Worship in a Greek Orthodox Church

This explores the process of visiting a Greek Orthodox Church as an outsider to the tradition. It looks at the different parts of the service, and draws on liturgical, congregational, and experiential studies to describe the experience.


Essay Question : Explore Critically the place of the Bible in Christian Social Ethics today.

The Bible holds a central place in the faith of all Christians, but precisely the weight, approach, and nature of that place differs from denomination to denomination. This essay seeks to explore the dangers, pitfalls, and different views and approaches that Christians have to their holy texts. From this starting point, it then shows some of the affects that it has on the Ethics that are then produced, and shows the dangers that this can have, and explores if this is in keeping with what many Christians would see as the central teachings of Jesus.


Essay Question : Discuss the debate within the Churches on same sex relationships

The current “hot-topic” in many Christian denominations. This essay explores the arguments, both for and against. It tries to not rehears some of the arguments put forward in the previous essay, except where necessary to answer this specific question, but finds that the arguments are inexplicably linked up with a particular view of the scripture.


Essay Question
: Evaluate the credibility of the Just War tradition in Christian thought

This essay takes a look at the ethical stance of Just War throughout the ages, noting a difference between the thinkers of east and west. It sought to explore the notion that there could be such a thing as a “Just War”, and that there was place for a religion of peace to ever kill.


Essay Question : The Current State of Christian-Pagan Interfaith Dialogue

This essay explores the current state of the Christian-Pagan Interfaith Dialogue. Having spent many years in conflict, many attempts are being made at reconciliation by some parts of the Christian Church. For some, however, Paganism is still Interfaith Too Far. This essay explores what areas of Christianity that Paganism could positively impact, and the work that is currently being undertaken, as well as the steps that are being taken to rebuild the relationships that have been destroyed by misunderstandings and attacks on both sides. It seeks to disspell much of the myth and rumour that is held between the two.


Essay Question : Discuss the contribution of the Second Vatican Council to inter-religious dialogue

This essay explores the contribution that was made to the work of Interfaith by the Second Vatican Council. It looks at the conciliar documents, and the work that sprung from them. It speaks of the hope that came from the Catholic Church and the work of reconciliation that began as the Catholic Church finally began to move towards dialogue with other Christian faiths, and indeed, other faiths in general.


Essay Title:Theology and Culture : The Theology of
“Small Gods” By Terry Pratchett

With apologies to Terry Pratchett, this dissertation explores the link between his book Small Gods and Christian Theology. Starting by looking at how theology is influenced by the culture in which and to which it speaks, and then exploring how much of a bastion the Church should make itself against culture, the essay then goes on to explore what theology could be taken and explored from this book of popular fiction. It looks how the rise of the Great God Om, and the the journey of Brutha encapsulates the layers at which theology works, and while atheists would want to see that it is simply a tortoise that dug down for water, theists would want to see a God that found water in the dessert.