I thought she was gone,
Out of my memories for ever,
And then I saw her reflection in the glass.
No, not her reflection, but someone very much like her,

And then it all came back,
The pain, the joy, the laughter,
The way that she used to smile, to stand,
No, this was not what I expected. We were over, she and I.

I watched the reflection ghost,
As it made it’s way back into darkness,
And I knew, like I knew the sun would rise,
That she would now be in my mind for days and days to come.

Random conversations,
Forgotten pictures, and events long forgotten,
All float to the service, other people seek to remind,
I smile, struggle, seeking once again to forget that she left me behind.

Finally she fades,
Like the ghost in the glass,
From my mind, from the daily conversation,
Until there, on the street corner, that oh so familiar smile, it couldn’t be, it can’t be… her?

~Phil Bettinson 9 November, 2012.