A Chance Meeting

It had been a busy day. She swung herself on to the bus, and flashed her electronic ticket. She caught herself in the drivers mirror, and gave the work-weary woman that looked back a tired smile. He ran her fingers through her brown hair trying to pull it’s unruly strands into something resembling a smile. Her brown looked back at her, and she gave her reflection a resigned shrug.

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The diary of a relcutant traveller, d3

Good afternoon everyone.

Last night was a late night, with very litle true sleep, more simply following unconcious. Having spent some time talking to people, it seems that the things that I should choose to build myself on, is the things I have chosen to become. There are things that I have fought to keep, despite everything.

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Diary of a reluctant traveller, d2

So, what happened to day one?

I spent the day writing. 8k plus words an rising. This is mostly me trying to find out what the hell is wrong. I’still feeling very sad, and still very reluctant to move on, do anythinhg useful.

It feelks very much like being actually sad. I think it’s because I have given myself permissin to be sad. That said, i was up until 4 am, mostly writing, and so today’s me is mostly brought to you by caffine and tiredness.

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Diary of a reluctant traveler, D-1

So, I didn’t leave today.

I got everything packed, the only thing left to do is to put the water into the van and then I’m done.

The reason I didn’t leave today was the weather. There was snow, just as I was thinking of leaving. The moment I decided to stay, I felt a lot better. I’ve also decided that my original plan of Plymouth was, perhaps, a little too ambitious. I don’t have another destination, yet, but I think I’m going to roam along highways and byways that I’m most comfortable in, at least to begin with. Continue reading “Diary of a reluctant traveler, D-1”