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The Wild Sea – For Dad

The Wild Sea – For Dad. Gone beyond the wild sea, Where foam washes the shore, Storm-grey waters reflect your eyes. You stand on distant inaccessible land, the end of all journey, Look out to the stormy horizon, And I will look back. Beyond the storms, Beyond the calms, Where fair breeze blows, Ruddying your weathered face, Wrinkles your now-eternal…

Can you be an intelligent believer?

Stephen Fry is a man I have a lot of time for. He is funny, thoughtful, brave, and generally all-round talented. The thing that we would probably disagree about is Faith and religion, and a lot of other things in the same ballpark. What he seems to hate is the exploitative nature of some of the practices. Homeopathy being chosen…

The Devil and Mrs. Durant

It was a short rap at the door. A rap that suggested it’s owner was expected, and that time was of the essence. Elenor Durant, opened the door a tiny crack. Beyond it, bathed in the yellow glow of the security light stood a small, sharp mine. His dark brown eyes sunken into his sallow face, his black hair clinging…

Do you need to be baptised to be a Christian?

Baptism with water is, and has been for a long time (at least the 3rd Century AD (Burnish, Raymond, The Meaning of Baptism, (London:SPCK), 1985 p1). However, the centrality of baptism does not necessarily make one a Christian. While for the Anglican churches of England and Wales, baptism is the de-facto sign of membership, membership of a Church, nor baptism,…

The Summer-Frozen Rose

For those following the poetry on this blog, they will know that I’m trying to do more editing to my poetry. So, I thought I’d show a full working on a poem I’m currently working on. This is unfinished, and I’m not sure I’m happy with the result, but here they are.

Generation Right

Generation Right.19-June-2014 (ver 1.1) They said on the radio, yesterday, that Generation Y, Is generation right. A generation so convinced of it’s own, individual superiority that they would rip up the welfare state, That they would deny health-care and life to the addict, To those not as fortunate as them, because they deserve it.