The Thorny Issue

Sometimes things surprise me. This article more than any I’ve read in a long time. Especially as I found it while looking for “Bible passages to sum up a person” for the up coming funeral. I’m sure there’s some random Fundie rant in that one somewhere.

There are two things I’d like the reader to note here.

1. There is a website entitled “”
2. This is written by a person struggling with the problem of being a gay Christian, and their problem with the current policy of Celebacy, based (as the writer notes) on the idea of “love the Sinner, not the Sin”.

I have a feeling this is one of those hot-topics currently faced by the Anglican Church specifically. The Anglican church is meant to be the most accepting, the one more likely to accept all nations (here, used as the writer of the above article has). The Anglican Church has accepted that it is not Sinful per se to be Gay, but the sexual act it’self is a Sin.

This is a well thought-out argument, though, of course, it doesn’t answer the counter-arguments, and mostly uses the words of Paul.

I think this is an issue that just isn’t going to go away. Especially now the law has changed and acknowledges Gay Marriges. The Churches response was to let one of their members blame the floods in Glostershire on the “Sinful Gay’s” by punishing everyone for the new law.

I think it should be pretty obvious where I stand on that one. Especially being as the reason we have a Rainbow is to show that he would never do that again. (we’ll argue about why he did it in the first place some other time shall we?).

What do you think? How should the Church handle this thorny issue? is there a way out? should a way out even be sought? you tell me.



We may not be able to persuade Hindus that Jesus and not Vishnu should
govern their spiritual horizon, nor Moslems that Lord Buddha is at the
center of their spiritual universe, nor Hebrews that Mohammed is a major
prohpet, nor Christians that Shinto best expresses their spiritual
concerns, to say nothing of the fact that we may not be able to get
Christians to agree among themselves about their relationship to God.
But all will agree on a proposition that they possess profound spiritual
resources. If, in addition, we can get them to accept the further
proposition that whatever form the Deity may have in their own theology,
the Deity is not only external, but internal and acts through them, and
they themselves give proof or disproof of the Deity in what they do and
think; if this further proposition can be accepted, then we come that
much closer to a truly religious situation on earth.
– Norman Cousins, from his book “Human Options”

Romans 13:8

This line in the bible matches my Philosophy. Love each other. I’ll try to type it up here when I get a chance.


Romans 12

A quick note as a personal reminder (because I left my notebook behind).

Romans 12 == be excellent to each other. Well worth reading.


True Christian?

This Test is designed to catch out “true christians”, those that I refert to as Fundies. Those that pick and choose bits of the bible, and hold only those bits up as true. Read it all, my friends. All the way to the bottom, then react.


Talking Point

A Picture, with a message. It’s an interesting point to make, one that a lot of Christians out there will go mental to see on a blog like this. However, we have to remember that this is how a lot of people see us, how the religion is percieved by some. How do we change this image?

Evan Almighty, ARK

This Blog shows some of the major problems with the Cristian Views today. Even Almighty is actually a great film. It shows God getting involved in life, being a person. Someone we can get to know, who cares… I’m pretty sure that somewhere in the bible it says that.. something about sending is Son as just proof?

OF course, the scriptures do say things about Images of things heavenly.. but how many put pictures of Angels on things? like Gravestones in churches… or a crucifix. I personally felt that that the simple message, Acts of Random Kindness was precisely the ticket. The idea that we should just help people. We should, infact Be Excellent To Each Other. Anything that spreads the word. Anything that starts people thinking, even if it means that people start talking again about God, or even taking the message with them somewhere… then surely it’s a good thing.. Not so this wrighter.

This wrighter is quite happy to damn things before he’s seen them. Claiming blasphemy. Non-Chrstians often damn the bible without reasding it, so I suppose it’s the same thing. Lack of knowledge tends to lead to lack of understanding, which tends to lead to fear and scorn.

I’ve found myself spouting this phil-osophy quite a lot recently. I suppose I should calm down, and probably re-think. I think perhaps it’s time to do a little more reading, and then give myself some goals of things to wright about.

That aside. Go see this movie. Get the message. Heck, just have fun.